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headshot of Dominco Sacramone. Owner of Sac's Placeheadshot of Dominco Sacramone. Owner of Sac's Place

Domenico Sacramone

Owner/Proprietor Sac’s Place

“I was born and raised in Astoria, and together my brother and I have run a family restaurant here since 1989. I have witnessed the transformational effect that Kaufman Astoria Studios has had on Astoria over the past decades - one that our family has benefited from both personally and professionally. Now more than ever, small businesses like ours across the five boroughs have been hit hard by this crisis, but Innovation QNS is a perfect example of why Astoria will always be ok. This plan will boost long-time neighborhood businesses like ours at a time when we need it most, while creating new places right here in our community for our friends and family to live, work and enjoy. I’m proud that Astoria is going to show the rest of New York City how it’s done”

headshot of Corinne Haynes. Residentheadshot of Corinne Haynes. Resident

Corinne Haynes


“I am super excited to support Innovation QNS, led by Kaufman Astoria Studios. This project is slated to create long-term employment and economic opportunities here in our community.”

Headshot of Stacy Bliagos. Executive Director, HANAC IncHeadshot of Stacy Bliagos. Executive Director, HANAC Inc

Stacy Bliagos

Executive Director, NANAC Inc

"For almost 50 years, HANAC's mission has been focused on the betterment of our community; that's why we are thrilled to be partnering with Innovation QNS. The project's goal to spearhead the economic revitalization of the historical Steinway Street corridor with housing, including permanently affordable and below-market-rate senior housing, combined with neighborhood retail and space for businesses in the creative industries that have thrived in Astoria, will build on the incredible strengths of this neighborhood and ensure the prosperity of our community and its residents."

Headshot of Carlo Scissura. President and CEO, New York Building CongressHeadshot of Carlo Scissura. President and CEO, New York Building Congress

Carlo Scissura

President and CEO

New York Building Congress

"Our city has rebounded and proven itself stronger every time we've been tested - this time will be no different. Experience has taught us that private investment is a critical part of the road to recovery. The leadership team behind Innovation QNS is uniquely experienced, and its community-led vision for a truly walkable, mixed-use ‘neighborhood within a neighborhood,' adjacent to an iconic retail corridor and vibrant arts district, will pave the way for a resurgence in Western Queens. The infusion of jobs, affordable and senior housing, open space and support for existing neighborhood businesses will be an essential part of our comeback."

headshot of Barbara King, Residentheadshot of Barbara King, Resident

Barbara King


"I 100% support the Innovation QNS project because I want better for my community"

headshot of David Kilmnick, PhD. President and CEO of LGBT Networkheadshot of David Kilmnick, PhD. President and CEO of LGBT Network

David Kilmnick, PhD

President and CEO of LGBT Network

"Innovation QNS's imagination and foresight will create a central hub that will bring artists, cultural, and non-profit organizations together in one location. In this space, they can draw from and feed an expanded ecosystem of creative businesses and entrepreneurs, creating thousands of jobs and fostering economic opportunity for all in our community. A project such as this is critical to meet the needs of LGBTQ communities and is something that we wholeheartedly support."

headshot of Lester Peterson. Residentheadshot of Lester Peterson. Resident

Lester Peterson


"As a long-time resident of Long Island City, I've lived in three different developments: Ravenswood, Queensbridge, and Astoria. I've been a resident all my life, and I'm very excited about Innovation QNS. This project is what our community needs and deserves."

Headshot of Seth Bornstein. Executive DIrector QEDCHeadshot of Seth Bornstein. Executive DIrector QEDC

Seth Bronstein

Executive Director QEDC

"It has never been more important to identify and advance new means of creating economic opportunity for our neighbors, our businesses and our institutions.

That is what Innovation QNS will do: create new jobs, bolster existing businesses and cultural organizations, and build on the creative industries that have long been a strength of our borough. Queens has always been resilient, and Astoria through this initiative will be a national model for our collective recovery."

Queens Chamber of Commerce LogoQueens Chamber of Commerce Logo

Tom Grech


Queens Chamber of Commerce

"The havoc created by COVID-19 hit Queens harder than any community in the nation. As we look to rebound, the partnership behind Innovation QNS is well positioned to contribute meaningfully to our recovery, as its partners have led historic revitalization initiatives before, including here in Astoria. Through the substantial private investment in Astoria it is proposing, this uniquely experienced team will benefit the residents of Queens County.

To ensure our communities emerge from this crisis stronger than before, I would encourage all to support this effort to revitalize a key economic corridor in Western Queens along Steinway Street. The project estimates that it will create thousands of jobs, hundreds of units of affordable housing and tens of millions of dollars in new annual spending in the borough, along with amenities including two acres of publicly accessible open space and space for a new public school."

Queens County Farm Museum LogoQueens County Farm Museum Logo

Jennifer Weprin

Executive Director

Queens County Farm

"I like the juxtaposition of this development with the three centuries of farming at the Queens County Farm Museum and how we both represent the growth of this city from different vantage points. Open space and sustainability are important to the city's future."

Logo of the Museum of The Moving ImageLogo of the Museum of The Moving Image

Carl Goodman

Executive Director

Museum of the Moving Image

"Astoria is known throughout the world as a community that nourishes creativity and culture, especially related to film and media production, and educational programs related to the media arts. Both MoM and Kaufman Astoria Studios have been a driving force behind the community-informed evolution of Astoria. We are excited to see an initiative led by our neighbors that will affirm Astoria's identity and create opportunities for New Yorkers. We look forward to partnering with Kaufman, Silverstein Properties and BedRock to foster and celebrate the next generation of artists, performers, makers and creative entrepreneurs."